One to one writing mentoring

Nicci Fletcher Large Profile PhotoFor many years writing has been known to be a very cathartic experience: however, many of us never use this simple way of gaining some perspective on the emotions that are threatening to swamp us.  This could be for a number of reasons.  You may look at that blank page and not know where to start.  You may have so many emotions that picking one to focus on is difficult.  You may believe that you are not a writer.  You may believe that simply because you have written it you MUST share it.  All of these thoughts, and many more, can make taking that first step extremely difficult.  If this is the case don’t worry, many people feel exactly the same way.  I’ve been a writer for years and yet, until recently, never thought of writing about my struggle with infertility: it all seemed to painful to see written in black and white.

If you are interested in exploring the healing benefits of writing about your experiences and are unsure of where to start let me help you find your writing voice.  To find out more about how I can help you please use the form below: