Infertility and Andrea Leadsom

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Andrea Leadsom

My initial reaction ….

At the moment all I can say is that I’m shocked and speechless about the insensitivity and smug-parent pronatalist views of Andrea Leadsom.

However, rest assured Andrew and I will be writing a proper response to her comments etc to be published in a couple of days: unfortunately I’m really struggling with nausea and morphine-fog otherwise I would write something now.  Perhaps the delay is a good thing though because at the moment I am not sure how polite I would be by the end of the article.  So much for a quite day recharging the batteries and gathering spoons for the week ahead: ranting, even in my head or to the dogs, takes up spoons and doesn’t help the nausea to recede.  So for now, all I will say is “Andrea Leadson you are a disgrace!”

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