Using EFT for Endo Pain & Infertility

EFT for painAs many of you know, muggins here, ending up in A&E/the ER a couple of weeks ago.  I was in horrendous pain, couldn’t stand up without Andrew’s help and was on the verge of fainting if I moved.  Actually I was on the verge of fainting if I didn’t move.  During most of the day I think the only thing that got me through was using EFT to help manage my pain, lessen my panic and relax my muscles.  For those of you not familiar with the abbreviation EFT it stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  None the wiser?  Well you might have heard of Tapping which is the lay-person’s term for EFT.

It’s a technique that I’ve known about for probably five years or more.  It’s easy to learn, it doesn’t cost a thing, it’s very effective and yet it is still something that I forget to use on a regular basis.  Well that last bit has changed now because, as I say, I don’t know how I would have survived if I hadn’t used EFT and it’s going to be used far more frequently in the future.  Anyway, I thought, whilst the benefits of EFT are still so fresh in my mind, I would share them with you because it doesn’t just help with physical pain it’s also great for emotional pain, grief and anxiety etc.

In order to show you the technique I’m going to be brave and record my first videos for public consumption.  GULP!  To type out all the instructions would take an age, probably be as boring as hell to read and require lots of illustrations if anything was going to make the slightest of sense!  So instead of all that I’m going to break the technique into bite-sized pieces recorded separately.  That way you don’t have to watch the whole thing through again if you want to refresh your memory about one little part.  I was hoping that the individual videos would be about 5 minutes long.  It did take slightly longer than that to cover all of the information so the videos range from just over 6 minutes to just under 8½ minutes long.  Hopefully I’ve remained fairly focused and haven’t waffled too much!

Overview of EFT



The EFT Set Up



The Basic EFT Tapping Sequence



Using EFT for pain



Using EFT for Anxiety



EFT in a nutshell

  • EFT Set Up
    • Think of subject to focus on
    • Assess current situation (grade from 1 to 10)
    • Repeat affirmation phrase 3 times whilst rubbing “sore spot” or tapping on Karate Chop Point
  • Affirmation Structure
    • Acknowledge the problem
    • Create self-acceptance despite existence of problem
  • Standard affirmation phrase
    • “Even though _________ I totally and completely love and accept myself”
  • Don’t mumble the self-acceptance part
    • If necessary, change wording to something more comfortable
    • “I completely accept myself”
    • “That’s OK”
  • Aim to discover the core of the problem
    • The more specific the better
    • Change the wording if you don’t feel an improvement after a couple of session of EFT
  • Either repeat the same phrase when tapping or have a flow of dialogue
    • Use the format that works best for you
    • Reminder phrase ….. “Even though I am in pain. Even though I am in pain. Even though I am in pain.”
    • Flowing dialogue …. “I am in pain. I can’t remember having ever been in as much pain before.  However, I know that by relaxing my muscles the pain won’t feel as bad.  I can do that.  I can relax my muscles.”
  • Break complex issues into aspects (smaller parts) for example anxiety about attending a Christening is because
    • you will probably be expected to hold the baby
    • you will see/hear people congratulating the parents
    • you will see people cooing over the baby
    • people may ask you if you have children or when you are going to start a family
  • Tapping about the big issue (attending a Christening) can cause overwhelm so tap about the individual aspects instead
    • Imagine that you eating a biscuit and nibbling around the edges rather than putting the whole biscuit into your mouth in one go

The Tapping Sequence


EFT Tapping Points


In the videos, and the above illustration, I’ve shown a tapping point at the top of the ring finger but not on the little finger.  This is because this is the method that I was taught.  However, other people miss out the point at the top of the ring finger yet tap on the little finger.  There is conflicting information as to which is correct.  To check which method was correct I searched on the Internet for “EFT tapping points on hand” and there was about a 50/50 split between both methods.  So unfortunately I cannot give you a definitive answer about which method is correct.  What I suggest that you tap on both points as tapping on an unnecessary point will not have a detrimental effect whilst missing out an important one will have a negative impact.




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  1. I’ve tried EFT for migraines .it is amazing really works
    Thanks for the reminder to use it again in the future

    • My pleasure Joan. I’m glad you’ve used EFT before and it’s worked. Migraines are terrible: I used to have them when I was in my late teens and can still remember the pain. It’s very strange that we have a technique that works, that doesn’t cost a penny, that’s so easy to learn and so easy to use, and yet we forget to use it! I hope you don’t need to use EFT in the future whilst hoping that you do remember to use it if you do need it. Hope that last sentence makes sense: only just woken up and not had my first hot drink of the morning so I’m not sure everything’s quite awake yet.

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